Anti Graffiti
Shield System™

Pictures & References

We were awarded a Certificate of Merit by The Mayor of San Francisco, California for the performance of our DISAPPEAR Organic Graffiti/Ahesive Remover™, Graffiti Shield System™ and work to assist the City to address graffiti vandalism.

The pictures below show our GRAFFITI SHIELD SYSTEM™ after 8 years of use. This is yet another proof that our protective sealers are totally unaffected by UV rays, water, pollution and cleaning with proper chemicals.

Graffiti Shield System™  Application on a new building.​
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Pictures of various  ND GRAFFITI SHIELD SYSTEM™ installations.

The picture above demonstrates that graffiti can be removed from our GRAFFITI SHIELD SYSTEM™ without any damage to the underlying paint. The graffiti on the left side of the board was easily removed without any damage to the “Shield”

Various before/after pictures from graffiti cleaning jobs, and application and use of Graffiti Shield.
5 years old faded garage door. Same door sealed (not painted) with ONE COAT™ The pictures above demonstrate how ONE COAT™ can restore old/faded paint on garage door into new looking paint. Newly sealed surfaces will stay looking beautiful, and will be protected from Sun, Water and other elements for many years.

DISAPPEAR Organic Graffiti/Adhesive/Paint Remover™ in use by our Dealer in ISRAEL:

Safe Graffiti Removal From Plexiglass Using Our Disappear™

Read what some of our happy clients wrote to us about these products:

Just a letter to express my appreciation on your wonderful product, GRAFFITI SHIELD. We applied it to our apartment building exterior. It worked wonderfully. Now, with Disappear™ on the market and available to us, we know we can continue to keep the building looking presentable. The owners are pleased with the results and I, as a property manager, would be delighted to recommend this product for use. It’s great to think that it really is possible to clear up graffiti and keep a fresh appearance.

October 23, 1991 – EMERALD FUND, California


  I am using your GRAFFITI SHIELD SYSTEM™ and it is great so far. By the way your ND Disappear™ cleaner is the best I have ever used!

March 1st, 2006 – Remmel, Donald, TSgt, 222CBCS, DP, Costa Mesa, California

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