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Anti Skid Floor/Concrete Coatings
Anti Skid Floor/Concrete Coatings
Anti Skid Floor/Concrete Coatings
Anti Skid Floor/Concrete Coatings
Anti Skid Floor/Concrete Coatings
Anti Skid Floor/Concrete Coatings
Anti Skid Floor/Concrete Coatings
Anti Skid Floor/Concrete Coatings
Anti Skid Floor/Concrete Coatings
Anti Skid Floor/Concrete Coatings
Anti Skid Floor/Concrete Coatings
Anti Skid Floor/Concrete Coatings


Create True Traction No Slip Floor Finish With ND AGGREGATE™

For Tile, Porcelain, Brick or Limestone



For Concrete



For Vinyl, Wood, Metals and Previously Sealed Surfaces



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"I've used One Coat™ and love it! We have a home on the coast that's painted dark blue and One Coat™ has kept it from fading."

Carla D., Raleigh, North Carolina



"I browsed last year to find a way to save my tile floor without replacing it.  I bought your product to try and it has held up and is amazing.  So am buying more to do another floor.”

Erika A, Oregon 



"My customer loved their patio so much they want their bathroom floor done."

Eric Holm, Ultimate Garage, LLC, Denton TX 76210, (214) 315-4715,



"I am putting this on some stamped back yard concrete that little kids have been slipping on for years and really want to rough it up!In the past we have got stuff from Home Depot and added the additive and it did nothing.  ...but where I put your sample it is great!  We got our feet wet and tested it! No slip!"

Paula B., Yuba City, California



"I used it on dance floors, tile floors, wood floors, cabinets, furniture, slate and this time for a shower. The product holds up, it is easy to use, a little goes a long way, it is self leveling, holds up to water better than any latex product I have ever used. It does not peel and I love it. I always have to have at least a gallon in the house!"

Debra O., Big Bend, Wisconsin



"I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your product.  

We moved into a beautifully restored brownstone here in Harlem about 2 years ago.  The wood is original & one of the home's best features.  Only problem is I like to wear wool socks during the winter.  I must've fallen 5 times since moving in; fortunately I was the only one & besides my damaged pride & a bruise or two, no permanent damage was done.

The only options available were going to mar the appearance of the stairs. We didn't want to cover the wood w/ a carpet runner or put strips on each step either.  I didn't know what to do, but a couple months ago I landed on my butt again & said this has to stop.

I was lucky enough to find your product online.  Though a little pricey, in retrospect the price is totally worth it.  The appearance of the stairs is great & I can walk safely down the stairs now.

If you ever need an endorsement - or a pediatrician's "seal of approval" - count me in.  Your product does as billed, keeps me upright all while maintaining the natural beauty of the wood.

Thank you very much." 

Dr. Benjamin A., New York, New York



"We could not be more happy with Skid Safe product. The application process to the stairs was extremely easy. The Skid Safe product allows the grains of wood come out while providing a protective and safe beautiful shine. I would recommend this product to everyone. Thanks,"

Peter H., Bloomington, Minnesota



"Quality: Superior! I’ve used just about every water based sealer you can find in home improvement stores. When it comes to sealing a floor this product is the best I’ve ever used!....I recommendSKID SAFE™ to all my family, friends, colleagues and clients." Read SKID SAFE review with picture documentation here:

Lisa Altizer, Senior Design & Marketing Consultant




 "We recently installed your Skid Safe together with the ND Aggregate™ on over 4000 sq ft of Mexican Saltillo Tile covering the driveway, walkways, patio and pool deck of one of our customers.

We have almost 30 years experience in the industry and have worked with every other coating/sealer out there. We have had nothing but the most pleasant experience with your company and your awesome products.

The installation instructions were specific to every detail making it a pleasure to work with and install, as well as everything went as described in your specs.

Our customer is extremely happy with the final look and feel of the Skid Safe on their Saltillo Tile surfaces. They even tested it by walking around on it in their bare feet while using a mist system by a pool.

Thank you for such a wonderful product. We are recommending it to all our customers, and look forward to the many success’s with your systems."

Karen Rodriguez, Absolute Maintenance and Consulting, Long Beach, California



 "My firm is so impressed with your product, SKID SAFE, that I wanted to send this message to someone in your firm so that you will know how delighted we are with the results. The problem was an extremely slick, polished granite foyer floor covering. The owner was having nightmares about possible customer injuries and, of course, possible lawsuits as a result. The application of your product has simply put a stop to everyone's dilemma. So, congratulations on a wonderful product! It's also nice to find such a product that performs as promised."

Pickering Builders, Inc., Tennessee



 "The unusually high slip resistance of your SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish, combined with the fact that we don't need to strip SKID SAFE are amazing advantages, saving Chugach from the high costs of normal floor finish stripping. In my 20 years of supervising floor maintenance, I have never seen a floor finish that performs anything like your SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish!...

In addition to these advantages, we have found that SKID SAFE is not staining , and is looking excellent even under very heavy foot traffic in our bathrooms. Knowing that any dulling of the high shine can be easily restored with a single coat of SKID SAFE is another important benefit as the product is so easy and quick to apply, instead of the costly burnishing procedures required of other finishes."

Chugach Management Services, Bethesda, Maryland

NO SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEM for Tile, Porcelain, Brick or Limestone


Our no slip floor finish creates anti slip coating on ceramic and porcelain tiles This unique Kit turns slippery ceramic/porcelain tiles, brick, marble or limestone floors into no slip tiles and anti slip floors with real traction. The coating dries into clear and rough finish with a minimal change of appearance. No more slipping & sliding on slippery tiles and wet slippery floors. Our NO SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEM™ has been successfully used for many years in commercial and residential settings all around the United States, Canada, Caribbean and elsewhere. 

NO SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEM™ for Tile, Porcelain, Brick or Limestone is very popular to make ceramic, or porcelain tiles  anti slip. These tiles are normally hard to treat with durable anti slip coating/finish, but our proprietary technology allows just that.
Use our NO SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEM™ on floors that often get wet and slippery:
  • OUTDOORS -  decks, walkways, ramps, stairs, around swimming pools, driveways, etc.
    • INDOORS -  swimming pool decks, locker rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, etc.

Main Benefits:

1. ND AGGREGATE™ is made of a special grade of aluminum oxide which is extremely hard and durable. Heavy foot traffic, even weight of cars is not going to crush it. ND AGGREGATE™ provides unmatched traction and is vastly superior in terms of non slip/anti slip properties and durability over any plastic/sand type aggregates sold by competitors.
2. SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish holds the aggregate and features extremely high skid resistance (ASTM C 1028 .81 DRY, .77 WET) as tested by California certified independent test laboratory. This allows for the creation of real no slip/anti slip coating. Floor finishes, including epoxies without this high slip resistance, even when used with anti skid additive, will still be slippery when wet.
3. Ease of use: No mixing, no special equipment, no difficult application, no unpleasant fumes, easy cleanup. Do-it-yourself, or hire a contractor if you wish.
4. Safety: Our liquids are water based, build with consumer and environment in mind. VOCs are very low and compliant even in California.
5. Longevity: You will not need to strip and re-do NO SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEM™ for at least 5 years! With proper care and maintenance you will be able to enjoy true no slip floors for a long time.
NO SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEM™ for Tile, Porcelain, Brick or Limestone consists of: 

1. SUPER BOND & CLEAN™ -  cleans and prepares the tiles, brick or limestone for perfect bond with SKID SAFE
 NOTE: Do not use this product if the floor already have been sealed, and the sealer/finish is in a good, sound condition. Instead of this KIT, order NO SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEM™ KIT for Vinyl, Wood, Metals and Previously Sealed Surfaces. 

2. SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish -  provides extremely high Skid Resistance (ASTM C 1028 .81 DRY, .77 WET), it dries clear and does not change the color of the floor. SKID SAFE works well in all climates from Las Vegas hot to Alaska cold, neither salty sea water nor snow can hurt it.

3. ND AGGREGATE™  - extremely tough metallic grit that provides true traction to stop the skidding dry or wet. It is vastly superior to any silica, or sand used for this purpose by competition. The grade of the grit is  #60, which is perfect size for the job of stopping slips and creating tough anti slip floor finish.
The aggregate is now available in 4 colors: white, brown, green and black.  Order white version for all but really dark floors, it blends real well with light colors. Most of the time it will be barely visible, or invisible when standing or sitting in a chair on the floor when lightly broadcast.
THE APPLICATION consists of:
- Flooding of the floor for 3 minutes with SUPER BOND & CLEAN™ and thorough rinsing of all its residues afterwards
- Rolling on a coat of SKID SAFE and immediately sprinkling ND AGGREGATE™ while SKID SAFE  is still wet
- Rolling on (or spraying)  additional 5 recommended coats of SKID SAFE (30-60 minutes dry time between the coats)
Whole job can easily be completed in a day. There are no unpleasant harsh fumes, our liquids are water based, user and environment friendly.
Full cure time is  96 hours, but the floors can be used next day in a light, residential use, or can be covered with cardboard in other settings. Maintenance is easy with just a clear water or with a pH neutral floor cleaner, broom, or brush and water hose. Please read completely our directions before using our products. SKID SAFE  Product Data Sheet and MSDS can be found above in the dark blue pull down menu under Directions and MSDSs.
Do not use SKID SAFE on areas that will be under standing water over 5 days, or in extremely challenged areas, like in sporting stadiums/gyms where cleats, or other sharp objects are used.
Test our SMALL NON SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEM™ at absolutely no risk -  We Guarantee your satisfaction, or we will refund all your money back, including Ground UPS shipping cost, if you let us know that you are not happy within 60 days.* 
All NO SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEMS™ are Warranted for 5 Years.*




for Tile, Porcelain, Brick or Limestone


for Tile, Porcelain, Brick or Limestone


for Tile, Porcelain, Brick or Limestone

Treats about 75 sq.ft. of Ceramic Tiles or Porcelain; or about 42 sq.ft. of Brick or Limestone Treats about 300 sq.ft. of Ceramic Tiles or Porcelain; or about 170 sq.ft. of Brick or Limestone Treats about 1,500 sq.ft. of Ceramic Tiles or Porcelain; or about 850 sq.ft. of Brick or Limestone
1 Gallon SKID SAFE
1 x 5 Gallon Pail SKID SAFE
4 Gallons of SUPER BOND & CLEAN™
Price: $109.00 New Low Price: $226.00
New Low Price: $915.00

100% Money Back Guarantee Including shipping costª







Why is SKID SAFE/NO SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEM™ Better Than Competition? 

Advantages over EPOXIES:

  1. Epoxies have very low spread rates and require vey high skill and precise timing to apply.
    Our products have very high spread rates and are easy to apply.  Most of our customers do not need to hire a contractor.
  2. Epoxy sealed floors are slippery when wet and epoxies can even turn yellow and crack over time.
    SKID SAFE creates much higher slip resistance of the floors than epoxies, and it does not yellow, nor crack. Fortunately, slippery epoxy floors can be sealed with SKID SAFE to make them much more slip resistant and safer.
  3. Epoxy coating with aggregate creates bumpy slippery floors. There is no escape from slickness of epoxies.
    NON SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEMS™ feature combination of rough aggregate with extremely slip resistant floor finish providing maximum safety.


Advantages over acid etching and similar non coating type of "ANTI SLIP FLOOR TREATMENTS":

  1. These "treatments" contain extremely harsh, dangerous chemicals and/or acids to dissolve silica in the floors. This often changes the appearance of the floors, and it is impossible to reverse this process and the damage caused by it.
    Our products do not damage and do not "eat" your floors. Should you decide to remove them, your floor will remain in original condition.
  2. Dissolving silica creates tiny holes in the floors that only marginally improves slip resistance, but these holes quickly and easily fill up with dirt/grime, which makes them slippery again.
    SKID SAFE & NON SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEMS™ do not depend on a magic of fast filling pores, they provide honest performance and they also protect your floors from damage and stains.
  3. Constant use of proprietary expensive cleaners is often mandatory to maintain the "improved" slip resistance, which is rarely backed up by an independent test lab.
    SKID SAFE can be cleaned with any generic and inexpensive pH neutral cleaner, or clean water with vinegar.
  4. Etching chemicals cannot produce no slip/anti slip finish, because they do not create any traction. On a puddle of water the shoe can easily hydroplane.
    NON SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEMS™ feature real traction with aggregate that does not wear off, which guarantees maximum safety.
  5. Etching chemicals do not protect the floors from spills, stains and abrasion.
    SKID SAFE waterproofs and protects sealed surfaces from stains and abrasion. 

SKID SAFE and NON SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEMS™ are time tested products with 20+ years of history.
They are superior in terms of slip resistance, no slip/anti slip effectiveness, ease of application,
and cost to any competition that we have found.

Fine Print:

Always test the product on a small area first to insure adequate surface preparation, compatibility and desired results. Do not use SKID SAFE on areas that will be under standing water over 5 days. Do not use SKID SAFE in extremely challenged traffic areas, like in sporting stadiums/gyms where cleats, or other sharp objects are used.    

We make no claim to prevent slip/fall accidents when using SKID SAFE! The user is provided additional slip resistance, and or, true traction through the proper use of our products-only. We encourage all to thoroughly test and evaluate this product, and our other fine products, for suitability of purpose and function. Please read our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions for full details. 

It is essential to follow our DIRECTIONS for SKID SAFE and all other products. Clean SKID SAFE after it has cured ONLY with a NEUTRAL CLEANER (PH of 7).  It is commonly available at any janitorial supply store.

SKID SAFE is but one of our many fine exclusive products specifically designed to solve problems for which solutions are difficult or impossible to find which we have been successfully marketing to industry since 1986.




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