No Slip Skid Safe System™ - The Best No Slip/anti Slip Floor Solution

NO SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEM™ turns slippery floors into non-slip/anti-slip floors with minimal change of appearance. The application is fairly simple, and with proper care the system lasts for many years. Our non-slip floor finish is a clear coating with a small aggregate that ensures maximum traction and slip resistance. It has been successfully used for many years in commercial and residential settings all around the United States, Canada and elsewhere.

How Does This System Create Non Slip/Anti Slip Floor?

Non-slip/anti-slip floor with real traction is created when ND AGGREGATE™ is used with our unique slip-resistant SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish (skid resistance (ASTM C 1028 .81 DRY, .77 WET). The resulting non-slip floor finish is clear, hard and rough. SKID SAFE dries clear, ND AGGREGATE™ is often virtually unnoticeable, and it is pleasant to walk on even barefoot. NO SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEM™ assures that your foot will grip on this non-skid finish firmly whether it is dry or wet.
Test any Small NO SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEM™ Kit at virtually no risk and see how it can create non-slip floor on your surfaces. All our Kits are warranted for 5 Years.*

Where Can I Use It?

You can use our No Slip Skid Safe System™ on virtually any floor that you wish to become non-slip/anti-slip:

  • Outdoors - slippery floors, decks, walkways, ramps, stairs, swimming pool decks, driveways, etc.
  • Indoors - slippery and wet swimming pool decks, locker rooms, kitchen and bathrooms floors, etc.

What Materials Can I Use It On?

You can use No Slip Skid Safe System™ on virtually any kind of floor material that you want to make non-slip/anti-slip:

Choose No Slip Skid Safe System™ For Ceramic tiles, Porcelain, Brick and Limestone for all these materials, including  terrazzo, granite, marble, slate and glass.

Choose No Slip Skid Safe System™ For Concrete for all types of concrete (including stamped concrete) that were not sealed, or painted.

Choose No Slip Skid Safe System™ For Vinyl, Wood, Metals and Previously Sealed Surfaces for all these materials, including all laminates, linoleum and painted surfaces. This also includes surfaces sealed with epoxies, urethanes and other finishes that are in good condition.

For more information please click on the Kit that is appropriate for your floor.

100% Money Back Guarantee Including Shipping Costs

We guarantee your satisfaction when ordering our products in Quarts or smaller sizes (including all Small KITS) and 1 lb ND AGGREGATE™ for 60 Days from the date that you receive your order.*


No Slip Skid Safe System™ Kits For Tile, Porcelain, Brick Or Limestone

No Slip Skid Safe System™ Kits For Tile, Porcelain, Brick Or Limestone

Contains: Skid Safe, ND Aggregate™,  Super Bond & Clean™

Starting at SALE PRICE $109.00

No Slip Skid Safe System™ Kits For Concrete

No Slip Skid Safe System™ Kits For Concrete

Contains: Skid Safe, ND Aggregate™,  Super Bond & Clean™

Starting at SALE PRICE $109.00

No Slip Skid Safe System™ Kits For Vinyl, Wood, Metals And Previously Sealed Surfaces

No Slip Skid Safe System™ Kits For Vinyl, Wood, Metals And Previously Sealed Surfaces

Contains: Skid Safe, ND Aggregate™

Starting at SALE PRICE $78.00

Why Is Skid Safe/no Slip Skid Safe System™ Better Than Competition?

Advantages over EPOXIES:

  1. Epoxies have very low spread rates and require high skill and precise timing to apply.
    Our products have very high spread rates and are easy to apply.  Most of our customers do not need to hire a contractor.
  2. Epoxy sealed floors are slippery when wet and epoxies can even turn yellow and crack over time. SKID SAFE creates much higher slip resistance of the floors than epoxies, and it does not yellow, nor crack. Fortunately, slippery epoxy floors can be sealed with SKID SAFE to make them much more slip resistant and safer.
  3. Epoxy coating with aggregate creates bumpy slippery floors. There is no escape from slickness of epoxies.
    NON SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEMS™ feature combination of rough aggregate with extremely slip resistant floor finish providing maximum safety.

Advantages Over Acid Etching And Similar Non-Coating Type Of "Anti-Slip Floor Treatments":

  1. These "treatments" contain extremely harsh, dangerous chemicals and/or acids to dissolve silica in the floors. This often changes the appearance of the floors, and it is impossible to reverse this process and the damage caused by it.
    Our products do not damage and do not "eat" your floors. Should you decide to remove them, your floor will remain in original condition.
  2. Dissolving silica creates tiny holes in the floors that only marginally improves slip resistance, but these holes quickly and easily fill up with dirt/grime, which makes them slippery again.
    SKID SAFE & NON SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEMS™ do not depend on magic of fast filling pores, they provide honest performance and they also protect your floors from damage and stains.
  3. Constant use of proprietary expensive cleaners is often mandatory to maintain the "improved" slip resistance, which is rarely backed up by an independent test lab.
    SKID SAFE can be cleaned with any generic and inexpensive pH neutral cleaner, or clean water with vinegar.
  4. Etching chemicals cannot produce non-slip/anti-slip finish because they do not create any traction. On a puddle of water the shoe can easily hydroplane.
    NO SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEMS™ feature real traction with aggregate that does not wear off, which guarantees maximum safety.
  5. Etching chemicals do not protect the floors from spills, stains and abrasion.
    SKID SAFE waterproofs and protects sealed surfaces from stains and abrasion. 

SKID SAFE and NO SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEMS™ are time-tested products with 20+ years of history. They are superior in terms of slip resistance, nom-slip/anti-slip effectiveness, ease of application, and cost to any competition that we have found.

Fine Print

Always test the product on a small area first to ensure adequate surface preparation, compatibility and desired results. Do not use SKID SAFE on areas that will be under standing water over 5 days. Do not use SKID SAFE in extremely challenged traffic areas, like in sporting stadiums/gyms where cleats, or other sharp objects are used.

We make no claim to prevent slip/fall accidents when using SKID SAFE! The user is provided additional slip resistance, and or, true traction through the proper use of our products only. We encourage all to thoroughly test and evaluate this product, and our other fine products, for suitability of purpose and function. Please read our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions for full details.

It is essential to follow our DIRECTIONS for SKID SAFE and all other products. Clean SKID SAFE after it has cured ONLY with a NEUTRAL CLEANER (PH of 7).  It is commonly available at any janitorial supply store.

SKID SAFE is but one of our many fine exclusive products specifically designed to solve problems for which solutions are difficult or impossible to find which we have been successfully marketing to industry since 1986.

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