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Are you concerned about slip and fall accidents on your slippery floorings and stairs? 
We can help! We have been developing and manufacturing unique slip resistant coatings and no-slip/anti-slip finishes since 1986 in San Francisco. We have also created a line of anti-graffiti coatings and removers. All of our products are built with consumer safety and clean environment in mind. Therefore, all our coatings are water based and all products contain minimal amounts of VOCs.

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Our Product Lines

Our Product Lines

All Our Products Are Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

Our non skid floor tile coating on busy entrance tiles


Anti-Slip/No-Slip product line consists of these main groups of products:

1. NO-SLIP SKID SAFE SYSTEMS™: Clear, water based non-slip coating with aggregate for maximum safety. It can be applied over wide variety of surfaces:

- Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain, Brick, Limestone, Slate, Granite, Marble, Terrazzo. Now as low as $0.45 per sq.ft.

- Concrete - all kinds of concrete,  including stamped, stained concrete. Now as low as $0.81 per sq.ft.

- Vinyl, VCT, Wood, Laminates, Metals, and sealed surfaces (seals, finishes of all kinds, including epoxies). Now as low as $0.26 per sq.ft.

2. SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish: Clear, Highly Slip-Resistant Finish that can be applied over virtually any floor. It works really well on hardwood floors (including stairs), laminates, ceramic tiles, porcelain, VCT tiles, vinyls, laminates, limestone, granite, marble, concrete, metals and more.

All our non skid coatings are highly compliant with OSHA and ADA requirements for coefficient of friction. 

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Graffiti removal with our organic graffiti remover


Our ANTI-GRAFFITI LINE consists of:

1. ND GRAFFITI SHIELD™: Clear, water-based, non-sacrificial coating system, with low VOCs, available in glossy and in Satin/Matte finish. It can be applied virtually over any surface.

2. DISAPPEAR Organic Graffiti/Adhesive/Paint Remover™, DISAPPEAR Organic Graffiti/Adhesive Remover™ and our original 1986 formula sold now as DISAPPEAR Organic Cleaner™ (Thin or Thick).

This line is characterized by a maximum concern for environment with almost all of the ingredients being from natural, plant-based, and or renewable resources.

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Please take your time to study our information. You can look at many pictures and references. If not sure, you can order our smallest sizes for testing purposes, or write/call us with any questions. Our office is open for telephone consultations from 9 am to 4 pm. We are always happy to help. Your success is our success!

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Best Sellers

Reduce Slip & Fall Hazards on Slick Floors 

Prevent Graffiti Damage to Sealed Surfaces

clear anti slip/ non slip floor coating on ceramic tiles

No-Slip Skid Safe System™

Clear Anti-Slip/Non-Slip Rough Floor Finish

Dramatically reduces slip & fall hazards on wet and slippery floors. Make your tiles, 
concrete,  masonry, painted, or previously sealed surfaces anti slip with our DIY system.
Perfect solution that creates clear, non slip finish on almost any surface: ceramic tiles, porcelain, any concrete, natural stones, hardwood floors, laminates, vinyl, linoleuom, etc. 

Five Year Warranty*

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highly slip resistant clear water based floor sealer and finish

Skid Safe™

Water Based Sealer/Finish

Creates smooth highly slip resistant floor finish without changings its appearance.  Provides non slip surface and protects floor materials at the same time. Easy to apply DIY product that turns slippery floors into non slip floors. Works great on all interior/exterior surfaces, including ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, concrete, hardwood floors, vinyl, linoleum, painted floors and previously sealed floors.

Warranted for Five Years*.

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organic graffiti remover cleans street signs

ND Graffiti Shield System™

Prevents Graffiti Damage to Sealed Surfaces

Our anti graffiti coatings system: ND GRAFFITI SHIELD SYSTEM™ will protect your walls from graffiti damage. It is water based and permanent system of protective coatings. Any new graffiti is simply removed with DISAPPEAR Organic Graffiti/Adhesive Remover™. The anti graffiti coatings are DIY product: the application and clean up is easy, safe and pleasant to use as directed. The VOC's are very low and so is the odor.  

Warranted for Five Years*.

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100% Money Back Guarantee Including Shipping Costs

We guarantee your satisfaction when ordering our products in Quarts or smaller sizes (including all Small KITS) and 1 lb ND AGGREGATE™ for 60 Days from the date that you receive your order.*


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